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Re: Need High voltage caps and diodes

Hi Matt,

	For the caps.  You can perhaps just use single strings of MMC caps.  If
you string ten 10nF 1600 volt caps, you will get 1000pF at 16000 volts.
That value cap is only $1 each from Digi-Key (# P10507-ND).  So the total
would be about $10.  You may also be able to find "catch as catch can" caps
like this too very cheap as salvage, but you will have to find them which
may or may not be worth the trouble.



At 10:43 AM 6/29/00 -0400, you wrote:
>Hi, does anyone have or know where to get very cheap capacitors rated 10-15kv 
>at 100-1000pf and diodes 15kv-20kv5-10ma100ns very cheap?Theyre for a 
>multiplier which i will experiment with a tesla coil and see about directing 
>the spray above the toroid and seeing what happens!Can these pieces be gotten 
>cheap?Like 1.00?One place sell 10kv 1000pf disk caps for 1.00 but i really 
>need 15kv and diodes are only 6kv.I plan on powering the cascade with a small 
>flyback putting out 1centimeter of plasma.Is that too much for a 6kv 
>diode?Any help is greatly app.,