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Re: UV light hazard and test

Hi Paul,

The streamers do emit UV but how significant it is is an other matter ie at
six feet away it may only be equivalent to direct sun light or less.

You should not look at the spark gap when it is operating as this is more
equivalent to arc welding and as you know you should not look
directly at that.

Perhaps to reassure your parents you can agree to wear light sunglasses even
clear plastic eye protection will significantly attenuate most UV.

Probaly the greatest risk to your self is electrocution so be very very
careful about that.  Even if you think the power is off always first touch
any potentially live part with your knuckle or end of a finger and make
certain you are not grounded ie not holding a radiator, in a damp yard with
out rubber soled shoes on etc. etc..

Regards Bob

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From: Paul Mathus (by way of Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>)
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Date: Wednesday, June 28, 2000 11:53 PM
Subject: UV light hazard

>     Hey folks, glad to see the list back up.
>     I was hoping someone could give me a simple explanation of why the
>     streamers from a Tesla Coil or Jacob's Ladder do not pose a UV danger
>     to your eyes.
>     This would help me reassure my parents that my coil is  not going to
>     blind me.
>     I assume it is because it's heavy amps in the spark, as in an arc
>     welder or sparkgap, that lead to UV emission?
>     thanks,
>     Paul Mathus