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Coil Specs. was PVC Wire for a secondary?

Jason, all:

Transformer:  Pole Pig (supplied by Tesla Technology Research -
TTR) - 12.6 KV, 5 KVA.  Capacitor:  0.05 uF, 50 KV, Pulse
Discharge - Hipotronics.  Power:  208V, 40-45 Amps, ballasted
with 1/16" gapped core from a 1256 Variac wound with approx.
150 turns (tapped in several places) voltage controlled via 2 parallel
1256 variacs (Bob Svangren).  Rotary Gap:  1/2 HP, 1800 RPM,
disk with 15 contacts (either 3/8" or 1/2" - can't recall) - also supplied
by TTR (Bill Wysock).  Toroid:  7" x 30" Spun Aluminum (can't
recall from where).  Secondary took 2-3 people to put it up on
the base.  Primary turns:  5/8" or 3/4" tubing tapped about 4 turns.
Primary adjustable up and down by approx. 4"  to adjust the coupling
coefficient.  Resonant Freq. approx 212 KHz.  Wiring was done via
2/0 welding cable.  All these specs were off the top of my head (after
10 years) - they should be very close, so please don't flame me for any

Also, many thanks to Bill Wysock for much expert advice and
components, and many thanks to Bob Svangren for variacs.  

I'll post some pictures of it on our webpage for those interested.

David L. McKinnon
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on our webpage.  Thank you.

> Original Poster: "Jason R. Johnson" <hvjjohnson13-at-xoommail-dot-com> 
>  > David,
>  > 
>  > I've used 3 KV PVC insulated wire for a secondary for a big coil
>  > that I built about 10 years ago.  It was a 20" dia. x 45" winding
>  > length (about 50" for the overall form).  It was 14 Ga. stranded
>  > and had a total of 262 turns.  This may break all the rules (very
>  > high Q, few turns, high primary currents, and a 7/8" thick very
>  > heavy secondary form that was PAINTED BLACK) but it
>  > produced solid 12 foot sparks.  It had 5 acrylic disks down
>  > the middle and to the horror of many people, I brought the wire
>  > to the HV terminal INSIDE the form.  
>  > 
>  > David L. McKinnon
>  > D&M's High Voltage
>  > 
> What were the rest of the specs on your coil (ie primary capsize, power 
> supply, toroid size, etc.) I'm sure I'm not the only one who's interestd
> in some of these details.
> Jason Johnson