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Form materials, glue, and urethane

Hi folks,

A couple of questions:

1. I have found some cylindrical tubes made of polyethylene and was 
wondering if this is an acceptable material for a medium sized 
coil?  (10.5" X 40"ish)

2. On that note, I have also found in the past that not many glues will 
stick to polyethylene.  I am looking for some help finding an epoxy type 
adhesive that will not cause flammable vapors inside the form and that will 
hopefully stick to the plastic.

3.  What is the best urethane type coating for secondary windings (brand 
and product number if possible)?

Now on to the good stuff.

After building my MMC (thanks Terry) and hooking up the new Powerstat 
(thanks Dave), we ran our little 4x23" coil with a not very efficient, 
non-quenched, static gap made with 7 carriage bolts in a block of phenolic, 
a 15/30 NST driven with up to 170 volts, and got consistent 36 inch 
streamers to air.  We had a grounded rod at 4 feet and got a few powerful 
strikes to it.  We also developed some arcing on the secondary (which has 
seen better days and been moved too many times) and there are some 
burns.  It needed to retire soon anyway.....

Now we work on a bigger coil and it sure will be nice to do it in the 
garage instead of an apartment.  Winding a secondary on the floor in a door 
jam with a stack of books and some legos holding the spool of wire while my 
girlfriend and I manually turned the thing sucked.

Thanks for all the prior and future help,