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Can anyone recommend a specific kind of RF choke to go
on the output of my 12000/90 Neon triple TX setup?
On my previous coil (With the same TX), I used a hand-
wound coil with 0 SWG enamelled wire, smoothly wound on
a plastic spool, with insulating tape between each layer, with
around 100 turns..... one of these on each side of the output,
but I don't know if they actually had any beneficial effect on
TV interference! Would a simple sintered iron ring wound 
as a toroid with thick enamel wire do? There are ready-made
ones in Hoover washing machines, between the main earth
line and the cabinet (They are called "inductors" in the work-
shop manual). They have something like 20 turns of thick
enamelled wire on a thick iron ring. Could they be used
"Ready-made" ?
				Richard Barton