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Re: copper plating


Electroplating requires a very clean direct current. A car battery is more 
than enuff voltage and you should use a current limiting resistance. I would 
avoid using an AC rectifier because of the ripple. Use pure DC. The capacitor 
serves no purpose. The current should be kept low for a smooth finish. The 
electrolyte should be a salt of the metal you are plating. Use copper sulfate 
for plating copper and silver nitrate for silver. This is getting pricey. I 
would use a metallic paint on a non-conducting surface. Bronzing sounds good 
for copper because the bronze is an alloy of copper.  Powdered copper in 
acetone might work.  Paint the surface with a very thin, smooth layer. Hope 
this helps.

Happy day,
Ralph Zekelman 

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Ralph Zekelman