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Re: first light setup

     I would try more gap.  You're only using a total of .125".  On my 
     12/60 neon coil, i'm using around .27" total gap over 11 static gaps, 
     RQ style.
     The nice thing about cylinder gaps is you can always add another deck 
     with more gaps, and easily experiment with different gap settings.

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Subject: first light setup
Author:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at INTERNET
Date:    6/12/00 4:11 PM

Original Poster: "vi01hlv00" <hilary.morris-at-virginnet.co.uk> 
               my setup is  8/100 neon, static multi cylinder gap-using
5x.025", .037uf mmc, 14 turn 8mm pipe primary 30degree .
[currently tapped at turn7], 4.3"x22" secondary, 4"alu duct-17"od torus.
                any tuning tips or advice appreciated only 16" to ground and
7-8" multi streamers so far.
                          All the best - Russell Hicks.