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Re: Medusa's back up!


Thanks for your interest in my coil. Actually, the performance of the new
sec was pretty close to the performance of the old one, but the new wire
is four sizes larger (#16 as opposed to #20) and can now take high pow-
er runs without significant I2R heating near the ground base. I think I sim-
ply overdrove the old secondary to the point of failure by turning the arc
welder selector all the way up (225 amps) and turning the power control
variac all the way up as well! After paying $62 COD for 19 lbs of #16 AWG
double-coated magnet wire, I am surely more careful how high I turn up
the controls now! Anyway, I get solid 8 to 10 ft sparks now w/ the welder 
set -at-150 amps and the variac set -at- abour 80 to 90 ( on a 0-100 scale).

                                                       Keep on Sparkin'
                                                     David Rieben   
                                                     Memphis, TN, USA