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Re: Space Wound Secondaries


I have used nylon fishing line succesfully on several coil projects
in the past and, no, you don't have to remove the fishing line from
the coil after you are finished winding it. As a matter of fact, the
fishing line makes for an excellent spacer and nylon is a good in-
sulator. If you try to remove it, you are probably going to end up
with a mess!

However, I would suggest that you just wind your secondary with
an appropriately larger guage magnet wire that will allow your sec.
to end up with the target number of turns within your target sec.
length range. On my large coil, I did have 684 turns of #20 magnet
wire spaced with 30 lb test nylon fishing line but it suffered a flash-
over that carbonized and ruined the sec. coil. This coil was 12" x 
41" long. I replaced it with #16 double coated magnet wire with no
spacing, and ended up with 690 turns -at- 39 1/2" long on an identi-
cal 12" dia. form. The #16 handles more peak currents and obvi-
ously has less impedance. Of course the 16 gua. wound coil is
considerably heavier [about 18 1/2 lbs. of wire].

The bottom line is that both space winding and non-space winding
of a sec. coil can work if the system is properly designed and tuned.
Good luck with your latest coiling endeavor.

                                                Keep on Sparkin'
                                                Memphis,TN, USA