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Re: Florida Mini-Teslathon

Hi David

Thanks for hosting the Telsathon and providing all with refreshments.

The pics look great. I am sorry we will have to wait a year for the next

Thanks again to you and your family.

Regards Bob

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Date: Sunday, June 11, 2000 2:07 AM
Subject: Florida Mini-Teslathon

>Original Poster: "D&M's High Voltage" <dmshv.davmckin-at-gte-dot-net>
>We wanted to thank all those who attended the Florida
>Mini-Teslathon.  It was a great time had by all!  I'm
>sure that we've even "sparked" the interest of some new
>coilers!  We had 7 coilers from all over the state in
>attendance, 25 people were counted at one point, and
>we estimated that there were about 40 people overall!
>Also, we wanted to thank James and Shad for bringing
>their coils.  Many people were witness to 6-7 feet of
>thundering bolts wreathing from James' pole pig powered
>monster.  These same people also witnessed the first
>running of Shad's coil which managed to produce 1-1/2
>feet of output.
>I've posted a few of the pictures from the event on our
>webpage.  Check them out under:  Florida Mini-Teslathon.
>Thanks again!
>David L. McKinnon
>D&M's High Voltage
>Webpage:  http://home-dot-netcom-dot-com/~davmckin/DMsIndex.htm