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Florida Mini-Teslathon

We wanted to thank all those who attended the Florida
Mini-Teslathon.  It was a great time had by all!  I'm
sure that we've even "sparked" the interest of some new
coilers!  We had 7 coilers from all over the state in
attendance, 25 people were counted at one point, and
we estimated that there were about 40 people overall!
Also, we wanted to thank James and Shad for bringing
their coils.  Many people were witness to 6-7 feet of
thundering bolts wreathing from James' pole pig powered
monster.  These same people also witnessed the first
running of Shad's coil which managed to produce 1-1/2
feet of output.

I've posted a few of the pictures from the event on our
webpage.  Check them out under:  Florida Mini-Teslathon.

Thanks again!

David L. McKinnon
D&M's High Voltage

Webpage:  http://home-dot-netcom-dot-com/~davmckin/DMsIndex.htm