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Re: Why isn't it working

well i am speaking from my experience the salt water caps in my opinion are
junk i had the same problem with them. i built some plate caps in mineral oil
my spark length went from 1" to 24" i had no luck with them at all, salt water
bottle caps that is...
you will need around .0066uF for the pri. capacitor .00432uf might be a tad

my static spark gap is 9 - 3/4" copper tubes in series. the spacing is  .025",
"i used a hacksaw blade to set the gap"

you can try adding more bottles and see what happens? my salt water caps were
beer bottles 12 ounce type wrapped with aluminum foil tape then wrapped with
electrical tape. each beer bottle was aprox 700pf had 9 of them. also had some
pint jars wrapped in the same manner 1200pf each had 6 of them tried mixing and
maching had no luck. then i made a flat plate cap with aluminum roof flashing
for plates and plexi glass for the dialect that worked much better but the
plexi glass got hot and warped could not handle the heat. so i went ahead and
built some flat plate type caps in oil haven't had no problems yet its been 6
months. still throwing flames..........:-)

did you try adjusting the primary coil? if that is out of tune it wont fire. if
i move my primary tap about a turn and a half nothing will happen.
hope this helps

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Jeremiah" <jmeizis-at-metallicafan-dot-com>
> I have hooked up my coil a few times now and their is nothing.  No corona
> no sparks except for the spark gap.  I flip the switch and nothing happens
> except my mom complains about T.V. interference.  Please help.  Here is som
> specs of my coil.
> Static spark gap: 5 copper pipes each .03 mm apart.
> Capacitor: Saltwater bottle caps.  4 glass 2 plastic.  Total capacitance of
> .00432.
> Secondary Coil Design
> Diameter of secondary coil : 40.00mm
> Winding height of secondary coil : 140.00mm
> Wire diameter for secondary coil : 0.20mm
> Spacing between windings : 0.00mm
> Secondary turns : 699.00
> Secondary wire length : 87.84m
> Secondary inductance : 4.87mH
> Approximate resonant frequency : 1371.58kHz
> Secondary quarter wavelength resonant frequency : 853.84kHz
> Secondary self capacitance : 2.76pF
> Toroid capacitance required to form quarter wavelength coil : 4.37pF
> Primary Winding Design
> Primary resonant frequency : 853.84kHz
> Secondary coil diameter : 40.00mm
> Primary conductor diameter : 6.00mm
> Primary turn to turn spacing : 10.00mm
> Spacing between the secondary and the inside turn of the primary : 10.00mm
> The primary will need to be tapped between turn 6 and turn 7 to form a
> resonant circuit at  853.84kHz
> The approximate inductance at each turn is :
>  Turn  1           0.13uH
>  Turn  2           0.46uH
>  Turn  3           1.05uH
>  Turn  4           1.95uH
>  Turn  5           3.22uH
>  Turn  6           4.94uH
>  Turn  7           7.15uH
>  Turn  8           9.93uH
> Neon Transformer
> Transformer secondary voltage : 12kV
> Transformer secondary current : 30mA
> Number of transformers : 1
> Thanks,
> Jeremiah
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