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Why isn't it working

I have hooked up my coil a few times now and their is nothing.  No corona
no sparks except for the spark gap.  I flip the switch and nothing happens
except my mom complains about T.V. interference.  Please help.  Here is som
specs of my coil.

Static spark gap: 5 copper pipes each .03 mm apart.

Capacitor: Saltwater bottle caps.  4 glass 2 plastic.  Total capacitance of

Secondary Coil Design

Diameter of secondary coil : 40.00mm
Winding height of secondary coil : 140.00mm
Wire diameter for secondary coil : 0.20mm
Spacing between windings : 0.00mm
Secondary turns : 699.00
Secondary wire length : 87.84m
Secondary inductance : 4.87mH
Approximate resonant frequency : 1371.58kHz
Secondary quarter wavelength resonant frequency : 853.84kHz
Secondary self capacitance : 2.76pF
Toroid capacitance required to form quarter wavelength coil : 4.37pF

Primary Winding Design

Primary resonant frequency : 853.84kHz
Secondary coil diameter : 40.00mm
Primary conductor diameter : 6.00mm
Primary turn to turn spacing : 10.00mm
Spacing between the secondary and the inside turn of the primary : 10.00mm

The primary will need to be tapped between turn 6 and turn 7 to form a
resonant circuit at  853.84kHz

The approximate inductance at each turn is : 

 Turn  1           0.13uH
 Turn  2           0.46uH
 Turn  3           1.05uH
 Turn  4           1.95uH
 Turn  5           3.22uH
 Turn  6           4.94uH
 Turn  7           7.15uH
 Turn  8           9.93uH
Neon Transformer 

Transformer secondary voltage : 12kV
Transformer secondary current : 30mA
Number of transformers : 1


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