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Re: CFM and RQ Gaps

sun dog,
i can't see any maximum flow rate. the higher the air flow the closer
the gap would have to be to arc-then quench. if your motor blower stops
your arcing in the gap, then close the gap.
this is why when i built my astatic gap i spaced the tubes farther apart
on the center tubes, then progressively narrowed the gaps on the way out
to the last tubes  this way by changing the taps i can alter the overall
gap spacing by very small increments. see what i mean?  so unless your
planing on 1000 mph gales i think that as long as you have a good air
supply and build your gap right, you can tune at the optimum quench for
you system. also, and i'm not sure if this is theoretically sound, but i
angle my tubes just slightly away from each other, top to bottom. this i
believe forces the arc to jump from a cleaner spot first. all i know for
sure is i cleaned my gap at about two hours run time(combined) and there
was no differance in out put.
just my .................two millacents worth.
regards marc