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Re: Big top loads

Message text written by INTERNET:tesla-at-pupman-dot-com
>It is not quite clear to
>me however, how you keep the outer curviture high enough in the
>z-direction (coil axis) if you are using a disk.


Its not simply a squat cylinder which would have two sharp edges

Rather it is a "filled"  in toriod - outer edge is curved in both
as a toriod. There is no inner edge and because the top and bottom
discs meet the outer curve at a tangent there is no edge there either.

>Think I don't understand your construction well enough.<

email is so one dimensional

I'm trying to make a skeleton out of plywood - essentially a series
of horizontal rings of plywood set about 1" apart with the diameter
of each ring less than its neighbour, so that I have the skeleton
which I will then cover with aluminium foil tape.

I'll post with pictures on my website when I'm sure its going to work.


Thats the best I can do in ascii.

Alan Sharp (UK)