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NSTs, Microwaves, Marx Generators and extorsion in the UK!

Hi group,
    Why is that I can find massive 18Kv -at- 30ma Neon transformers for sale
in the US for $44 but when it came to me ringing my local Neon shop (Bell A
Signs, in Wallasey) they quote me 89 for a 10Kv -at- 25 / 30ma NST? Does
anyone know of a good place in the UK to pick them up a bit cheaper? 
    But where do Microwaves fit in with this I hear you asking. The answer
is they don't really. The plan was to use cost of parts, here in the UK
remember, to decided whether to build a Marx generator or a TC. You may of
heard me talking about N2 Lasers a little earlier on but don't fear, they
fit in here somewhere (Que evil demonic laughter). `,^) If I'm not going to
be able to pick up some NST's at a price closer to those in the US I'm
going to check the local repair shop for some lethal Microwave transformers
and go for a Marx generator. If I do I'll probably use Mica, Polystyrene or
Acrylic sheet for the dielectric, does anyone know their break-down and
dielectric strengths? Also would it be better to use spark gaps or diodes
to control the impulse? I don't really mind too much about the charging
time of it for the moment. Has anyone on the list made one for themselves?
    Finally to the programmers out there. What would be the best book to
read on Delphi programming, or C? *
Thanks very much for any suggestions.
Best regards,
Note: - I live very close to Liverpool in the UK if that's any help. I've
tried the Yellow pages. 

 * <<Please write John directly on this. - Terry >>