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Brass carriage bolts for sale

Greetings All,

There was a brief thread recently about where to buy heavy brass hardware
suitable for spark gap electrodes.  I was at a flea market over the weekend
and spotted a small bag of heavy, solid brass carriage bolts.  Carriage
bolts are good for static gap or safety gap electrodes because the head is a
smooth spherical surface with no corners to promote hot points and premature
breakdown.  I've never seen carriage bolts made of brass before so I grabbed
them, and I'm offering them for sale for $1 a pair plus shipping/packaging
costs.  Specifics:

Material: Solid brass
Length: 2"
Thread: 3/8-16 for 1st 1-3/16", smooth 3/8" dia to head.
Head diameter: 13/16"

Please contact me off-list if interested.

Regards, Gary Lau
Waltham, MA USA