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Re: FILT1.JPG (Was Terry's NST Filter Network)

Tnx Terry and Paul for all the infos,
I will go for the newer design :)

Instead of doorknobs I am gonna use series of 6Kv ceramic caps,
am I going right ? I will use 2 25W resistors of that type with
the heat sink (they are like gold plated), excuse my poor english
but I do not know how you call it... I read about wire wound ones.
Are these the same in in this application ?
Also I have not found MOVS of 1800V/2500A
They have only small...There is anything to dismantle to recover them ?
Or any place to order in Europe ?
For the safety gaps I am recovering some old computer mice,
the ball inside is made of steel or at least of iron.

Tnx again 4 help

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>Original Poster: Terry Fritz <twftesla-at-uswest-dot-net>
>Hi Daniele,
> That is an old obsolete design but it will work.  I have since found that
>it was overkill.
>I now recommend the filter at:
>Some people have another set of safety gaps instead of the MOVs.  I like
>MOVs at the NST because you don't have to set them and nothing can go
>wrong.  However, they will not discharge the primary caps (more than once
>;-)) so I still use safety gaps at the primary side.
> Terry