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Re: FILT1.JPG (Was Terry's NST Filter Network)


I am using a 12/60 nst as well, and based on advice from Terry and 
others, use the following protection scheme:

NST, then safety gap.  Safety gap consists of two gaps, one between each
leg and
ground.  then, two "doorknob" bypass caps, 500pf/20kv each, from each leg to 
ground.  Last, a 1.1k ohm/115watt resistor on each leg.  

This is very similar to what you will see on Gary Lau's site It seems to work  
well for me, as my NST has survived all of my experimentation and ignorance.  
Hope this helps.


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Subject: FILT1.JPG (Was Terry's NST Filter Network)
Author:  Tesla List <tesla-at-pupman-dot-com> at INTERNET
Date:    6/5/00 8:11 AM

Original Poster: "Daniele Bortoluzzi" <dbortoluzzi-at-sogeda.it> 
Hi Terry, all,
I would like to ask if the protection circuit schematic in the file filt1.jpg 
(on you site)
is only an experiment or is still valid... I can see 2 safety gaps instead of 
one and 
4 resistors of 5K 50W instead of two. I have been following all the thread 
"Terry's NST Filter Network"
And since I have to do one for me, (for a 12/60), I have looked also at the 
Gary Lau design (on his site).
I have also read your papers about filtering. Normally I see that the 
protection circuit looks like half of this one.
Can you please explain to me why ? Is this "double filter" necessary to be
safe" ?
Or is it something like too much protection, so now you circuits are
reduced to 
half that design ?
Someone also have suggestions, or particular designs to suggest for my safety 
gaps ? :)
Tnx all in advance