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Re: Dielectric Constant?

depends a lot on the additives in the oil (they put things like fine metal
particles to react with acids, defoaming detergents, etc. into engine oil)

Most oils have a K around 2-3 (in a poly/oil cap, the polyethylene
dominates the dielectric constant).

The breakdown voltage will be your biggest uncertainty.  This depends a LOT
on whether there is any moisture in the oil (not a big problem for a car
engine, a huge problem for HV work) or fine particles (likewise).

Test it and see... build a spark gap with a pair of drawer pulls (or
something else that is smoothly curved), submerge it and measure the
distance at which breakdown occurs.

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> Subject: Dielectric Constant?
> Date: Saturday, June 03, 2000 11:05 PM
> Original Poster: "Arthur Mavros" <mpiece-at-one-dot-net.au> 
> Hi all,
>        does anyone know the dielectric constant for 'car engine oil' and
> puncture rate? Is it usable for a basic plate cap?
>                                                  Thanks,
>                                                              Arthur.