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Super fast E-Tesla5 in "C"

Hi All,

	E-Tesla5 now has a "C" version!!  Many thanks to Sarah for doing the
conversion!!  I have done a tiny bit of C programming but I could have
never figured it all out...  It is over SEVEN times faster than the fastest
BASIC version and can do very large 300 x 300 arrays ;-))  On my computer
at array size 120, the program does 20000 passes in 49 seconds even though
it has very high accuracy internal numerics!!

The array size of 120 is equivalent to the old accuracy level 5,
96 is 4, 72 is 3, ...

The program now simply runs until zero error is reached or you <CNTRL-C> it.

The C version and source along with the BASIC version and source are at:


I did a test case at the 300 level that took about 25 minutes to run (6.3
billion point calculations!) that calculated 0.3% off from the actual
measurement.  I also did a neat MathCad graphic of it at:

I just took the accuracy thing out of the BASIC version since it is so fast
now and people were having trouble with the lower accuracies.  I also added
a strike rail input so you can model those too.

Again, many thanks to Sarah for going to all this great work!!!