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Re: SRSG Newbie questions

Mike, Alan,

I was wondering if you guys could answer a question for me con-
cerning the use of multiple position stationary electrodes in rotory
gaps. I have a 1/3 HP, 3450 RPM motor from a bench grinder that
I am using for my async gap. I have noticed that I get reliable firing
only w/ the two stationary electrodes in a certain spot ( namely on
the opposite side ot the switch). I tried placing two sets of station-
ary electrodes 180 degrees apart and could get no firing, no mat-
ter how close that I adjusted them to the whirling rotory electrodes.
I even tried just using only one set -at- a time. The stationary elec-
trodes set up on the same side as the factory installed switch 
would not fire -at- all. The stationary electrodes on the opposite
side fired reliably w/ up to 1/8" spacing on ea. side (1/4" total)
being powered by 14.4 kv. The only thing that I can figure is that
only the stationary electrodes on one side were in phase with the
input AC. The ones on the opposite side were out of phase.
I was just wondering if you or anybody out there had experienced
this phenomena?
Anyways, I figured out that I could get reliable firing w/ excellent
quenching by using both of the end shafts of the motor to install
a disc w/ rotory electrodes on ea. end and keeping the two pair ).
of stationary electrodes in line w/ ea. other on the side of the mo-
tor opposite of the factory switch.