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Re: Polyurethaning the Seconday Problems

Hi Bob,

When I varnished my secondary on a home made rotating spit I didn't notice
any static related problems.

I was using a 6 inch PVC tube with acrylic disks bonded in the ends, each
with a 1/2 inch hole in the centre. A steel shaft ran through the holes and
was mounted at the ends in wood; the shaft does not rotate.  Drive from a DC
motor/gearbox assembly was via a toothed belt.
(See http://www.breakfix.demon.co.uk/tesla_secondary.html )

The static charge buildup you are getting has to be due to some materials
rubbing past one another. This could be a shaft and support, maybe the
varnishing brush and form itself (probably unlikely) or the pulley and belt
(in my setup, not sure how yours works).

I'm not sure what you can do if you suspect a part of the system :-(  but
draining away any charge that does occur is an option (as people are already

All I can suggest is make sure that the coil form does not rub on anything
and ensure that its supports (the shaft) has metal sections in it (or is
completely metal) and connect them to earth.

Hope this helps.

Steve Bell (Swindon, UK)

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> I'm in the process of building my first 6" secondary out of pvc.  I made a
> nice winding jig using a 1/2" drill / variace.  I can even use to spin the
> pipe while sanding.  Now that I have a nice clean & smooth secondary I
> to coat it with polyeurathane while rotating it slowly.  The problem I'm
> having is that the PVC/Poly is picking up a static charge and attracting
> kinds of dust and other air born junk.  I would like to make it a
> contaimination free as possible. Does anyone have any suggestions to keep
> the PVC free of static charge?  Maybee I can make a big Van De Graff with
> ;-).
> Thanks
> Bob
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