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RE: duh

Chris & List,

DC refers to the Pri Cap charge mechanism.

The resultant Pri impulse transfers to the Sec identically in either case
 (sec = AC impulse)
The only difference that when DC is used to charge Cpri, the bang rate 
is not dependent on the AC line frequency 
so with DC charging bang rate may be much lower or higher ! (or continually

I have performed maggy tests with my DC TC.
(12 battery powered .04A <1W !!, manual bang rate, 7kV .1uF 2.5J/bang)

In both 2 & 3 coil setups I achieved ~28" power arcs, point to point.

I made little special refinement going from classic 2 coil to 3 coil maggy:
I normally use a 28mHy 6.5"D Lsec, For magnifier operation
I replaced the 28mHy with a ~15mHy (same dia just heavier wire) then
connected the 28mHy as the 3rd coil with a 6' length of 3/8" Cu tubing,
retuned my spiral Pri tap, got comparable power arc results.

I found the large dia innerconnect tubing adequate to prevent corona from
the driver.
Higher bang rate may dictate using a small toriod.

My bang rate is what many on the list refer to as "Single Shot"
i.e. about a bang every ~3sec, controlled by a manual depressed pneumatic
which "jogs" my Jennings vacuum relay switch "gap" to arc without physical

See some picts of my DC TC in the classic cfg perf at:
(12vdc to 7kVdc flyback converter, Jennings relay)
(super simple site, refinements, explanations coming - Thanks Ian !)

Regards, Dale

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Alright, I know this is newbie stuff, but I'm having a bit of trouble.

I know there are DC coils, and I know there are Maggie coils, but is it 
possible to build a DC Maggie? Has anyone done this? Results?


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