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Re: Cardboard secondary

cardboard is not the best material, but I have used it on several coils.
Ideally you don't want the wall too thick. You then need to dry it as much
as possible, I have used a low powered fan heater blowing through it for a
couple of hours or so. Next you need to make sure it keeps dry, the easiest
way is to use polyurethane varnish. What I do is to dilute the first couple
of coats 50/50 with white spirit. The give the former several more coats of
full-strength varnish, sanding lightly between coats. By the way make sure
that it is standard clear polyurethane,  Others use shellac dissolved in
alcohol (actually this is the way that french polish is made), in place of
the polyurethane.
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> Is a thick cardboard tube a good form for a secondary.  Is their anything
> special that needs to be done to it.
> Thanks, jeremiah
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