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Re: Fieldplotter 2.0

TL> Original Poster: "Rainer Schwemmer" <rainman-at-asamnet.de> 

TL> Hi List

TL> I had some spare time today so I rewrote my Field plotting program to
TL> work with Terry's new E-Tesla 4.50

TL> Download -at-
TL> http://www.asamnet.de/~schwemmr/teslacoil/e-tesla
TL> fieldplotter2.0.zip
TL> Also get the vbrun60.exe if you haven't got the libraries yet.

Hi again

I made a little mistake. I forgot to upload the final Vesion of the
E-Tesla Mod so all you would get an the screen were some white dots.
I meanwhile fixed that, so it should work now.