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SRSG Newbie questions

I'm preparing to build a SRSG that can handle up to 2 - 2.5 KW:

What determines the diameter of the disk I should be spinning? I have seen 
many in the range of 7" - 12"  Which size is correct?
My next question is about motor HP.  How much HP do I need? I have a 1/4HP 
Reliance Cap start ball bearing motor.  It is rated at 3440 rpm -at- 60Hz. If I 
make it syncronous through amature modification I know I will lose some 
torque, but is this  a good choice for a motor?  Or should I be looking for 
something bigger?   By the way the armature diameter is just about 2" if 
that means anything.
I also have a split phase (no cap)  , 1/2 HP  bushing motor - is this a 
better choice? Can split phase motors be modified the same way?
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