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MMC Design UK Bulk Order

>11 x 1600V 47nF caps in series
>with 4 strings in parelel.  10Mohm resistors across each cap for safety.

11 in series for 10kV AC should be fairly bullet proof

>I intend to use Philips 378 or 376 series caps, from farnell.<

I've been doing some tests with the Axial 47nF, 1500V from LCR
from Farnell its 5+ 46p, 25+ 0.40p 100+ 0.35p
dv/dt 2000V/uS. A string of 4 alongside my 0.067uF cap withstood
8kV AC.

The philips 376 would be ideal - dv/dt 10000 V/uS
but the value we want isn't there - closest is 47nF at 1000V 54p 100+

philips 378 series 47nF 1600V        dV/dt 900 V/uS
100+ 53p,
I would go for the 22nF 1600V  dV/dt 1600 V/uS that dV/dt has to
be doubled in comparison to the 47nF (twice as many strings)
100+ 33p

I've also got some 47nF 1500V from RS, axial by Acrotronics,
which are physically very similar to the Farnell ones, dV/dt 1800 V/uS.
Ritchie has been getting good results from these.
I'm hoping to abuse mine soon!

they are 35p at 100+ but I'm trying to get together a bulk order for 1000
25p if enough folks are interested. Email me directly if you are
Hopefully folks will come to Corby to pick them up so that I don't have
to make up parcels.