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Re: electronic neon transformers

Just a Quick Question,

><< Original Poster: Doug Brunner <dabrunner-at-earthlink-dot-net> 
> The electronic transformers are useless in tesla applications. If they
> manage to
> put out enough voltage, the solid-state electronics will be fried by the
> RF. The
> only neons you can use are the normal coil and core type. If you can't find 
> good xfmr, find one that puts out enough power for your application and 
> it. I'll add more details if you need them.

If the output from an electronic neon was rectified and suitably protected 
from the rf, probably by large chokes on the dc side, could one use an 
electronic neon in a tc?
I cannot see why not, unless 32kHz presents any problems for the rectifiers 
that I am unaware of ? 
The electronic units are quite cheap for their power output against 
conventional transformers and have adjustable voltage and current limiting 
making them more versatile than the conventional units - the unit I have seen 
could be programmed to go from 3-9kV and 30-60ma.

Hoping For the future
Nick Field