Re: polyester cap?

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Subject: polyester cap?

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> Hello evereybody,
> Would metalized polyester caps be any good for an MMC?
> They're Mallory brand rated at 2.2uf -at- 250vdc.
> Thanks,
> Trent Mullins
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Hello Trent,

polyester caps are no good for MMC use,polyester has high RF losses(heat) at
TC freqs. Heating of the cap changes the capacitance causing the coil to go
and also steals power from your arcs(polypropylene is the way to go)and with
your caps you would need *alot* of caps in series to get the required
Now if you already have the caps (at least 100) you could try them by
detuning to compensate for the capacitance change,but the caps will burn up
in short order!!

hope this helps,
kevin dalpe