Re: MMC Value

Hi Jorge,

	My 15kV/60mA uses 28nF.  It is a 120 BPS sync rotary gap system.  I use 50
56nF 1600 Volt Panasonic caps in a 5 x 10 array.  A 7 x 14 array would give
better margin than my EMMC and that would work out to just under 100 caps.
Of course if you don't have a rotary sync gap, you may not need as many
strings so be sure to make them selectable.  Then you can use as many
strings as you need to get the best sparks.  As far as I know, 28nF is the
maximum capacitance a single 15/60 can charge.



At 10:08 PM 05/11/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi fellow coilers !
>Im in the process of building my fourth Tesla Coil and im giving MMC caps a
>shot, I've been looking at some web pages with Tesla Coils that use MMC
>caps and the values are always lower than what's required , was wondering
>why is this ???
>My system uses a 15kv 60ma neon tranie, what value do you guys suggest for
>this setup???
>Thanks all !!!
>Jorge Fuentes.