Re: 2 spools?

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>    I just bought 5 spools of 22AWG mag wire.  I was planning on connecting 
>  of them together to wind my secondary with.  Would it be best for me to 
> return 
>  these, or do you think it would not have a great affect on preformance.  I 
> am 
>  useing a 4" X 22" secondary if that helps at all.  Thank you for the help!
>  Bryan Miller


You can splice secondary wires all you want and it does not
affect the coil's performance.  Just file the wire to a taper on one
side, and file the other piece the same way, so they overlap
and look normal without any bump.  don't remove any insulation.
This way the solder will only stick to the filed surfaces where
the wires contact each other.  You can also make a lumpy
joint and it will work well too.  When I burn a spot on my coils
due to some experiment, I just remove a few turns and splice
the wires together again.  Or if a larger area is burned, I splice
in some new wire.  It's no big deal.

John Freau