Re: MMC setup opinions

Hi Kevin,

At 08:11 PM 05/10/2000 -0400, you wrote:
>I wanted to post my intended MMC setup to see what the list thinks.
>I am using Panasonic ECWH(V) 1.6kV .056uF caps.(purchased from Terry) my
>planned max input is 12kV rms which gives me a peak voltage of
>16,970.4V(12,000 x 1.4142 = 16,970.4??) so I am planning on using 12
>caps/string which gives me a voltage rating of 19.2kV.This should be o.k.

Yes.  That is fine.

>Now what I realy need confirmed is the capacitance of each string.
>Here is how I figured it...(1/.056=17.857 x 12 = 214.5) 1/214.5 =.00466uF

Yep.  you simply divide the capacitance by 12 for your stings so one string
is 0.56/12 or .004666uF

>Is this correct? now if I am going to use five strings and assuming the
>above is correct that should give me a todal capacitance would be around
>.0233uF right?

Yes.  You just multiply by five.

You cap sounds fine!  About 20kV at 20 amps RMS should be able to take any
neon system.  I use 10 caps per sting in 5 strings for my 15kV/60 (28nF)
and they have not had any problem.  You should be well within the cap's



>well thats all,thanks for any help
>Kevin Dalpe