Re: Mylar Interlayer Insulation

Hi Max.

Try to contact some trans. cie and ask them, you have a big project ( 50 plus
pound of magnet wire ) if I was in your shoes and something bad happen to my
trans. I think I'll cry .For what I know on POWER trans. cie use paper or
but teflon is so higher in cost.

Good luck.


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>  Hi
>  The problem I see with mylar is that stuff is not really resistant to heat
>  and get deform when heated.
>  Luc Benard(Montreal)
>   >>
> Some of the information I have about Mylar is that it will withstand 300
> degrees F. It is unaffected by most oils, and solvents. Also it will not
> become brittle with age.  Since I am only going to use this transformer in
> short runs to power Tesla coils, overheating should not be a problem. It will
> take a long time for 50 plus pounds of magnet wire to reach a high enough
> temprature to cause damage to the insulation.(maybe a dead short across the
> output terminals would do the trick  though).
> Frankensteins Helper
>   Max