Re: Rubar

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>Original Poster: "Finn Hammer" <f-hammer-at-post5.tele.dk>
>A rubar is, I believe, an Australian bumper, designed to protect the
>vehicle against cangaroos, when they get hit at night.

Ummm ....

Coming from "downunder", I think it would have gone like:

         Name:           Kangaroo        (yes, it is a 'K', not 'c')
         Nickname:       Roo             (as in last syllable)

         ..... hence, I think what we have are "Roo-bars"

Yes, these are large welded steel or aluminium pipe structures, generally 
used by folks who do a lot of country travel.  Hit a Roo at 100 k/hr and it 
can make an awful mess of the front of your car :-(