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I've found that Fastenal has a wide selection of various fasteners, including
brass.  That was the only place I found that had brass bolts larger than 1/4".
Although their book catolog doesn't list prices, their online site does
(www.fastenal-dot-com).  If memory serves correct, I picked up 6 3/8"x2.5"long
brass bolts, a half dozen 3/8" nuts, and a dozen 3/8" washers for only a couple
bucks.  But, I did pick them up personally, since I live near one of their
stores (they are all over).  They also deliver (I don't know if there's a
charge), but they prefer to deliver larger orders.  Their prices were *FAR*
lower (50+% in some cases) than at my local hardware stores.

They also carry 1/8" thoriated tungsten rod, but it's more expensive than from

There are also a numerous other products, such as electrical supplies and
cutting tools available through Fastenal.


Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Paul Mathus" <pmathus-at-learningco-dot-com>
>      Go to various smaller hardware stores and you should be able to find
>      brass hardware.  Home Depot will not help you, their fittings section
>      is always poor.  I've had better luck with Dale Hardware and various
>      other local stores.  If you're really hard up, you can order almost
>      anything you want fittings-wise from www.smallparts-dot-com or
>      www.mcmaster-dot-com.
>      paul
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> Subject: Re: Searching for Electode Material
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> Date:    5/5/00 12:11 PM
> >Original Poster: "Ryan Ries" <spud-at-wf-dot-net>
> >
> > Hello, I'm looking for some better conductor for my air-blast gap than
> >what I'm currently using.  I have 1/4" steel bolts for electrodes right
> >now, and I realize that steel is not good, but I can't find any copper or
> >brass or aluminum bolts.  (Isn't brass just copper with a sodium hydroxide
> >shell?)  Also, does anyone have any info on the conductivity/heat
> >dissipation of zinc?
> >
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