Re: 6000kV 20ma

> Hi!  Does anyone happen to have a small NST they've outgrown/don't need
> anymore?  If you have one around this range (6000kV, 20mA), I'd love to
> buy it from you.  I want to make a nice smaller coil for my bedroom.  I
> figure I can make this entire package fit in a 2.5 foot high by 1.5foot
> square base area.  It'll be great in my dorm room too!
> Thanks!
> -Bill

Hi Bill,
            an OBIT should be just great for this, they are 10Kv, 20Ma ish,
cheap but not all that hardy, i am currently working on a similar project, i
am going to try 1 OBIT and some victoreen spark gaps given to me by bob
golding (thanks!!) and i am going to attempt a quiet tesla coil
(contradiction in terms!), incedentaly has any one else tried gaps like
these - they are small ceramic tubes a bit like large fuses and break down
at around 2 Kv each.

thanks Alex

Ps. I assume you don't really mean 6000Kv!! oops