Re[2]: Out of round PVC

     I had this trouble also.  What I found was that when I put the endcaps 
     on it more or less forced the tube into roundness.  If your tube is so 
     far out of round that putting the endcaps on doesn't help, you might 
     want to just get a new tube, they're pretty cheap, especially compared 
     to the time and effort you'll spend on the rest of the secondary.
     The other trouble I had was that my tube was slightly bigger than 6" 
     on the inside, and the TAP Plastics precut 6" discs were too small to 
     use for capping.  So I just used the pvc endcaps you can buy at the 
     hardware store.  They're sort of big, not as sleek as cut discs that 
     fit inside the tube, but they get the job done.
     good luck, hope that helps.

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Subject: Re: Out of round PVC
Author:  "Ruud de Graaf" <rdegraaf-at-daxis.nl> at INTERNET
Date:    5/4/00 12:17 AM

> Original Poster: "Bob Berg" <berg_bob-at-hotmail-dot-com> 
> I just bought a 10 ft length of 6" PVC Drain pipe to  wind my new 
> the way the PVC was strap in the bundle its a little out of round, 
> oval like.  Does anyone know of a way to make it round again? 
> Thanks
> Bob
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Hi Bob,
You could try to warm it up on the distorted place with a paint heater or 
hair dryer. I repaired my plastic car bumbers? (collision protection in 
front and on the back) that way. Be careful not to overheat the PVC or it 
will burn! Always move the heather.
Greetings from Holland,
Ruud de Graaf