Re: Better Gap Worth Effort

Hi Luc,

> Original Poster: "Luc" <ludev-at-videotron.ca> 
> Hi all
> If I understand the coupling have an influence on how fast the energy is
> transfer
> to the secondary but if you increase the coupling you have racing spark
> :Maybe it
> could be an improvement to increase the insulating quality of the coating
> of the
> coil without increasing to much the self capacitance ( high insulating factor
> ,low dielectric coating) .Could this approach be helpful : Increasing
> ,decreasing quenching time , less lose in gap?

You can put as much insulation on the coil as you like without 
affecting Cself. The insulation is effectively in series with a bunch of 
air dielectrically speaking. I think you might mean decresing dwell 
time? In that case it does rob the gap of power.