Re: Heat-sink spark-gap

Hi Dan

This idea has been used with good results. However the heatsinks are
generally only used to remove heat i.e. not to provide the actual electrode
surfaces. You can see some pictures of Mark Finnis' excellent extruded
aluminium heatsink based SG at



Its also worth checking out the rest of Mark's coil pages at
http://www.adelaide-dot-net.au/~mefinnis/ as there are lots of good ideas which
you can adapt for your own coiling projects.



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>Original Poster: "Dan and Nancy" <ntesla-at-ntesla.csd.sc.edu> 
>Hi all,
>I'm wondering if making a static air-flow gap out of finned aluminum
>heat-sinks might be ok. With air-flow, I'm thinking that the finned
>heat-sinks might cool more efficiently.