Re: Capacitor matched size

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: "Kamil Kompa" <czlonek-at-polbox-dot-com>
> Hi !
> I have found a large 3000W transformer (primary 220V secondary 13kV)
> but I have a problem with finding matched value of tank capacitor.
> Every design program needs to input secondary voltage and current to
> count the size of capacitor. The transformer is not current limited and
> I have to use a resitive ballast. My problem is that I can't get 3000W
> from my power line. I can take only about 2200W so the transformer is
> not working
> with full power. I dont know if I schould use 230mA-3000W,13kV or
> 169mA-2200W,13kV to count the value of the capacitor?
> Thanks for all answers
> Kamil Kompa

Hi Kamil ...

if you design the cap to be resonant with the power supply you run the risk
of ring up in the tank circuit if the gap doesnt fire correctly     it is
better to go to the higher side when designing the cap system     this way
you will be LTR and in a safer zone as far as over volting the cap if the
system decides to ring up on you...

Scot D