Re: Better Gap Worth Effort


> I think Terry explained it very well the other day, when he described
> how the streamers (even with free air streamers if they're nice and
> strong), drain away so much energy (quickly enough), that the
> feeble amount of energy that might make it back to the primary
> (and thereby delay the quench), hardly hurts the spark output.
> Meanwhile, if one attempts to actually achieve the first notch
> quench by using multiple gaps, etc, this can reduce the spark
> output due to the greater losses.
> Cheers,
> John Freau

Yes John, i red that post just after i send my reply (thanks Terry). I can
imagine however that when you like the streamers to air and you prevent the
arcing, it would justify improving the spark gap. Streamers are shorter and
a lot thinner, so they must reflect energy back to the gap.

Ruud de Graaf