RE: Watts/ft (was Who's got the best coil?)

Sam -

The new JHCTES Ver 3.1 uses streamer sparks instead of the controlled sparks
which are shorter. I would expect that a beginner's coil would not equal the
spark lengths shown by the program. Only the coil's of advanced coilers
could meet or exceed these spark lengths.

John H. Couture


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>How about "Watts/Ft of Spark" for a figure of merit? The JHCTES Ver 3.1
>program gives an approximate value for this parameter for a typical coil
>hundreds of different designs. The coilers goal is to try and better the
>John H. Couture

I find that that value does't apply to small coils (which tend to always be
below it) or to very large ones (which surpass it easily). Any thoughts on

Sam Barros.

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