Re: Very weak coupling and life of primary arc

Hi Boris, John,

> Original Poster: boris petkovic <petkovic7-at-yahoo-dot-com> 
> > The real way to extinquish the gap quickly is to
> > make sure the TC is
> > well tuned and is heavily loaded by output streamers
> > which will suck
> > the energy out the the system quickly, and permit
> > the gap to quench.
> > 
> > Cheers,
> > John Freau>
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>   John,
>   Obviously you misunderstood me.I know very well that
> smaller k more cycles are required for transferr of
> energy from prior to secondary.If working freq. of TC
> is for  example 100Khz and k=0.1 aprox.  6 cycles of
> 100Khz are required for Resonant rise ..If k=1 ,which
> is ,by the way,  for air core transformers impossible
> to accomplish  ,there is huge mix of frequencies and
> if one tries to separate what is here TC main freq.
> and what resonant rise time ,he is in trouble (nasty
> potatoida appears as solution of system of 2 dif. eqs.
>  )But,I degressed..I'm interested is possible to make
> TC system with K<0.1 and multiple series spark gap
> without breaker or artifical air cooling ,without too
> bad efficiency ,that could transferr energy from
> primary to secondary without 2 or more exchanges of
> energies between two circuits.
> Clear?

I agree with what John says about quench with regard to the 
resonating circuits (excluding the power supply). A well established 
discharge channel from the secondary allows ideal quench to be 
effected. Nearly impossible without large losses otherwise IMHO.