Re: Extra coil and corona on connection wire

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Don Allen <dona-at-amigo-dot-net>
> Hi All,
> I made a second coil that matches my first coil in size
> (6" secondary), coilform length, wire, etc. My thinking
> was to use it as an extra coil.


by connecting the 2 coils  in "series" like that ( thats what i
understand what you did ) you lost ALOT of power thru the connecting
wire   e.g. all that great corona ;)   you lost even more power by
seperating the 2nd coil from the primary field ...   and since the 2
coils were "exactly " alike you lost the 1/8 wave you needed for a
magnifyer type of set up ...

sounds like an interesting set up but not too practicle for improving
streamer output...  if you were to stack the 2 coils and retune the
primary then you might see an output at a lower frequency altho i would
belive that the best you might get is 70 % of the original output of the
single secondary system ....

but since you have gone thru the trouble of doing an "exact"
duplicate...   try this instead  ...    set up your original system
and some distance away   ( 30 feet or so )  set up the other secondary
by itself and ground the base  run a litebulb from the top of the second
secondary ( series ) to a ground ( grounded sec base - bulb one side -
bulb to wire - to ground again )    and then run your original coil
setup and see the second system lite the bulb .......

( thats what Tesla originally had planned )

let us know how it turns out .....

Scot D