Re: Aluminum magnet wire?

Hi Ed,

At 04:43 PM 09/17/1999 -0700, you wrote:

>Somewhat difficult to establish a good
>connection in low-voltage service, but that would be no problem in a
>Hi-Z circuit like a TC.  Note that almost all HF antennas are made from
>aluminum, and all are much lower impedance than that of a TC secondary. 
>They are much more affected by RF resistance than any TC.

Of course, you hit it right on the head here!  The high impedance
caracteristics of the secondary system make aluminum wire losses
trivial....  If the resistance was high enough to cause a hot spot, there
may be a concern.  The RMS current in my secondary is around 400mA.  So a 6
ohm resistance would dissipate about a watt.  Of course, given that the
secondary is driving a few hundered kV, if there was a large resistance
spot, the current would just "take to the air" around it....

I think the aluminum secondary will work just fine given the few cautions I
posted before.  I hope it gets built.  There are a number of theoretical
points it would confirm.  If it does not work, we will all be VERY
interested in what possibly could have gone wrong!!