HI All UK and European coilers,
	Got confirmation of the museum site today,so we are on for the 
30th of October. Start sparking at 5.00 pm finish at midnight. Still 
have to sort out final details, hire tables ect. The cost of the hire 
will be 50 for the evening, plus cost of table hire ect. I am away for 
another two weeks or so but seem to be managing ok with this 
laptop. I will try and draw a map nearer the time. Can anyone spare 
any web space to show it?. The cost should be less than 5.00 
and the people at the museum might get a bbq together! If people 
can email me off list I can get some idea of numbers and work out 
final costs. Looking forward to seeing everyone on the 30th. We 
might be able to set up before 5.00 but can't really run until after 
the public leave. Any ideas on format q/a sessions ect welcome. Is 
it worth having a bring and buy?.


	bob golding