Re: coil w/o ground??? how come? :-o

Tesla List wrote:

> Original Poster: Leto Tokarev <leto-at-irisz.hu>
> hi!
> my first coil is up and firing :)
> its a pretty small one, but it works. today i noticed something strange -
> i forget to connect the ground when i turned it on, and there was no
> difference at all!!!

yes    most definately because of the size.....   and yes i did ONCE forget to
secure the ground to the bottom of my 8" coil running on 4 NSTs at 15KV at
.030 amps each....
( grand total  15KV -at- .120 amps)    talk about a major suprize...   all sorts
of kickbacks to the transformers and to the control panel via the safety gaps.
Lucky enuf i shut it down and didnt cause any damage to the NSTs.   Since i
now have a pig to power the coil  I most definately make sure the secondary
ground is in place ( as with everything else) , that one incedent was enuf to
learn from.

Scot D