Re: Tungsten electrodes in static gap?


Tungsten electrodes are the o-n-l-y way to fly!!  I have Tesla Coils that 
draw 6 and 12 amps from the mains from the 1920s with original series spark 
gaps that used tungsten, and they STILL work fine!!

Try picking up some tungsten welding rods, 1/8" diameter.  2% thoriated 
[98%] tungsten  welding rods work really well, supposedly better than pure 
tungsten.  At any rate, it is really the best way to fly.  It's a real 
bugger to machine, but if you have a diamond wheel it can be ground and cut, 
but be VERY careful of the dust, espescially with the radioactive thoriated 
tungsten.  It's only slightly, but still, don't want to inhale ANY dust from 
any metal.  Bad stuff.  But GREAT for spark gaps!!

Rods cost about $50 per 10, and come generally in 7" lengths.

Jeff Behary
For pictures of gaps I've made with tungsten, see:

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