first coil built (but not working ;o)


I've completed my first coil (a bit crappy, I guess ;). I've problems
getting it to work. Here's some specs

prim: PSU 8kV 50ma 400VA cos(phi)=0.55 - net voltage 220V 50Hz
      cap is measured 9,7nF (+-5%-at-20nF) salt water caps, 12 brown glass
      beer bottles
      primary coil is ~5 turns 1/4" dia copper tube, inner 4cm dia, 
      start to end is 7,5cm - i.e. outer dia 11,5 cm
      spark gap is 0,5cm apart metal corner/edge plates (across NST)
      safety gap is 1,5 cm apart metal springs    
      everything wired up with 8kV neon sign cables (Litz wire)
      no chokes or filter, only on the 220V side a RF filter
      should be resonant as 763kHz

sec:  secondary coil is 600something turns 0.335mm dia (about AWG#27)
      dia 4,3cm height 23cm
      toroid is 18cm center-to-center 8,5 cm dia, aluminium duct tape
      self freq about 1,7MHz, with topload 763kHz

The spark gap works, but it sems the cap never gets charged. There's no
spark or anything when I try to discharge it...

It would be great if someone could give me a few tips what could be wrong
in the setup?

 Jan Florian Wagner
 jwagner-at-cc.hut.fi, petwag-at-kolumbus.fi